Sunday, March 17, 2013


Many people through the years have Interpreted dreams in their own ways… I did too.

Some people say that dreams are images our brains create. Some people say that we, sometimes, travel out of our bodies and visit places that we have visited before.

What about when we see places and meet people that we've never seen before?
What about the things we see in our dreams before they happen in real life?
What about those dreams where we can actually feel pain/water/wind and we can't wake up from?

I believe in the out-of-body experience to some extent. Dreams can be visions, they can mean something else most of the time, or they can just be memories…

my favorite memory-dreams are the ones that get mixed up, it's like my brain tries to fix the memory and make it a better one...

In my own theory, I believe that there's a parallel universe, where our minds can be connected, can see what our "other-selves" see and feel…

I think we go to a place where we can see what would our lives be if we had taken different decisions.

Haven't you had one of those dreams where you can't control what you're doing, as if you're just watching a movie?

I believe that when we dream we can go places and travel wherever we want if we learn to control it

We get to do something that we've always wanted to do… meet a celebrity, kiss a crush… sometimes even commit suicide…

Believe in dreams, remember the good ones… and learn how to really daydream; it helps you dream about good things and maybe sometimes control what you want to dream about!

I feel like -as usual- this did not make any sense… but it's something to think about, right?



  1. It totally is something to think about. Dreams are magical! I think they're our way of releasing the stress we feel everyday. Sleep (and dreaming) just heal everything :') ABI ANAM!

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