Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chimeras: Two People in One Body

In some cultures it is believed that a person has two angels recording/writing the good deeds and the bad deeds over the shoulders. In some other cultures, people believe that on the right shoulder there's an angel that tells us to do good deeds and on the left the devil tells us to do bad deeds…

I have this weird theory that those two are inside you; you're part angel and part evil. Each person is different from the other, some do more good deeds and some other do bad deeds, and some balance them...

I think in my case I've always believed that my mind is divided into two personalities, they're different but yet they complete each other. One of them is the creative, crazy, wild one, and the other one is the realist, the well-behaved, shy and responsible.

It gets weird when the balance between those breaks, and every time that happens it gets harder to gain that balance back…

This might sound like a weird thing, but you know how I always think of things differently…

Do you think it makes sense?


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  1. It makes complete sense. In psychology the evil aka the devil, left side whatever you want to call it it's called the shadow. And the the right I think it's called the ego I'm not sure i need to check up on that.
    About the brain thig you mentioned again your right brain is the creative and imaginative side.
    Your left brain on the other hand is the logical linear mathematic side. I am mostly right brained lol
    And you are completely right you need harmony and balance between the two to function correctly.
    That is also where the ying - yang idea comes from.
    Anyway I liked this post a lot that's why I commented
    Keep up the great work and don't stop imagining!!